tour waiver and disclaimer forms

​Download these two files prior to coming for your tour and fill in the appropriate fields for you and your family or friends who will be riding with you. This will save you time once you get here and in case you are not right on time, it won't drastically affect your time on tour.

Tour Acknowledgement Details:

1)    Everyone riding MUST read the items in the boxes to learn the "Do's and Don't's"

2)    Fill in the Participant Name for all adults

           a)    Anyone under 18 will not sign any document

3)    ONLY circle option for 'Minor Y or N' if you are signing for minors listed on the bottom line. Otherwise, you do not have to circle the "N"

4)    Ensure you put the date of the tour in the "Date" field



Waiver Details:

1)    We require one signed and dated copy of the Waiver per adult.

        a)    There are two areas to fill out on the sheet - 1 in the middle at "As Lawful Consideration... and 2  is at the bottom of the document. *See below for details of who signs what

2)    If you are a married couple, then you only need one signed copy with both names listed on the waiver.

3)   If you have children or are responsible for children under 18, then you need to add their names to only ONE waiver

Sedona Segway Tours Tour Acknowledgement Sheet

Sedona Segway Tours Waiver of liability