Things To Do in Sedona

Having a partnership* isn't something that we take lightly here at Sedona Segway. We work hard to gather the ideal resources to provide our guests with the most exciting, meaningful and appropriate adventures for their stay in Sedona, the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. 

We expect our website to help you make the most out of your stay while exploring the boundaries of not only the Red Rocks, but maybe the boundaries of your desires!

Below is a list of all the magnificent partners that have said YES to giving you MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME!!!


*The term; "Partnership" does not refer to a business partnership in any legal or binding way. It refers to separate businesses working together to provide a more unique adventure for our guests. These are merely suggested options that we want to provide for all our guests visiting Northern Arizona and especially the Verde Valley. There are no legal agreements made between any of these entities and Sedona Segway Tours.



Sedona TV Channel 16

Sedona's Red Rock TV has it all! Check out their "Things To Do"!

Verde Valley TV

With local information across Verde Valley, this is where you can get it all and learn it all!

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

The OFFICIAL place for Sedona activities and "Things To Do". Make it your first stop!

City of Sedona

Looking for detailed adventures? Places to Sleep? Eateries? This site has all you need for your Sedona Stay!

Visit Phoenix Website

Once you fly into Phoenix, you may want to look up "Things To Do" as they have everything from every corner of Arizona including Sedona!

National Geographic MapGuide

If you hear the name; National Geographic, you KNOW its a reputable source for information! Check out their website regarding Sedona "Things To Do"


Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

If you want to add enormous fun to your stay, Make it at Cliff Castle Casino and Hotel! Your Gateway to Northern Arizona!!!

Whispering Creek Inn BnB

Talk about a taste of home! Whispering Creek is the premier B&B located just a few minutes walk from Uptown Sedona. Home cooking is the treat of a lifetime but the views are incredible as you sit out on the deck watching the sun set on the majestic Red Rocks!

Sedona Rouge and Spa

Looking for that luxurious treatment? Look no further than Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. Nestled below Sedona's famous Thunder Mountain, its a dream come true for relaxation after experiencing the magic of Sedona's Red Rocks!

Inn of Sedona

With an outdoor pool & hot tub overlooking the breathtaking views of Sedona's Red Rocks, you can't miss with Best Western Plus' Inn of Sedona! See for yourself...

Oak Creek Terrace Resort

Need that little something extra from your stay in Sedona? Maybe you want to hide out and snuggle up to the fire in your OWN Cabin??? Oak Creek Terrace Resort has amazing options and locations that will suite your relaxation mode perfectly! 


Sound Bites Grill

When you come to Sedona and want to enjoy the evening with live music and a sunset view that blows your mind, there is no better place than Sound Bites Grill! Located in the heart of Uptown Sedona in the Hyatt Plaza right next to Visions Fine Art. Make sure to tell them; Sedona Segway Tours sent you!!!

Coffee Pot Restaurant

This is THE place to go for breakfast before you venture out to your 'hike of the day'. Coffee Pot is known for their insane menu. Check this out....  101 Omelettes!!!! Seriously folks! Check out their menu, it is PACKED!!! Outdoor dining is available, just ask for it. Tell them; Sedona Segway Tours sent you!!!

Tortas De Fuego do you find the best places to eat? Follow the locals!!!

Tortas De Fuego is by far the best option for Mexican food. It is small and cozy, but the flavors are YUGE!!! Limited parking at the restaurant, but there are plenty next door. it is SO worth the extra few feet of walking! check out their reviews on the link below and then head on over for that Shrimp Taco or the dynamite Enchilada! See you there!!!  Tell them; Sedona Segway Tours sent you!

The Hudson

Think....Sunset dining with your sweetheart overlooking Sedona's highest summits. Perfect! Make it happen as you dine on some of the best food in Northern Arizona! Call in advance for the outdoor sunset just makes it easier. Tell them; Sedona Segway Tours sent you!The Hudson

Himalayan Grill

If your heading North to Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon, why not test your taste-buds with some real authentic Himalayan food. They have amazing dishes like; Lamb chau-chau, or Shrimp Pokoras as appetizers. How about their Tandori Chicken or the Lamb Thupka! YUMM!!!! Be careful though...if your spice-o-meter isn't set properly, you may got HOT. Be cautious and go for one level lower than you think. Just sayin!

Tell them their friends at Sedona Segway Tours sent you!!!


With adventures all around you, we have some amazing partners that provide that uniquely designed personal adventure for you and your family and friends. Passionate people provide memories of a lifetime and these "Things To Do" will fill your desires for your trip to the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. 

Adventures Out West is your gateway to the Southwest Adventure!

One of Sedona's most experienced hikers, Bear is bridging Native American Culture with the God Consciousness with every step he takes on the rocks. Spiritual essence and Mastery are his goals as he practices Lakota, Ojibwe, and Abenaki (among others) spiritual methods while bringing the power of God in his daily life. Communing with God in developing a Bliss-filled journey along the many trails of Sedona is what he does best while playing his American Indian Flutes along the walls, in the canyons and atop the mountains in Healing the energy of Earth Mother (The Divine Feminine). 

Producing Video content and building websites for small businesses is his forte in the realms of work, and all of it in the guidance of God while he does his best to Walk The Red Road.

ANY level cyclists NEEDs to do this. Of the things to do in Sedona, for Road Cycling, there is no better tour opportunity than Self Propelled Tours of Sedona! Heather's passion in providing an outstanding road tour and her incredibly peppy persona give you an exquisite experience like no other! Not to mention she is the ONLY Road Cycling Tour company in the entire Verde Valley! 

Check out her website and get amazed at how far you can ride and how incredible the views are along the way. 

Heather Parris - Owner/Founder of Self-Propelled Tours

Receive 15% off your Self Propelled Tour when you provide CODE:  SST2017 (must be done at time of booking otherwise it is invalid)

Looking for that extra special tour that brings you the most exotic flavors of Sedona? Wine Tours of Sedona can give you that experience with access to more than 20 vineyards and tasting rooms.spanning across the entire Verde Valley. Maybe your taste is local brews or chocolate...well...just ask and your dreams will come true! With over 13 years experience and expertise in the wine industry, our friend Jim provides you an exceptional variety of tours and his care and quality is surpassed by no one!

If you book online for your tour with Wine Tours of Sedona and use the special code: SEGWAY, you will receive a 10% discount!

If you want to see Sedona from East to West and North to South, why not take a ride on the best flowing-photo ride around? Red Rock Magic Trolley can be that source for you. If you're not desiring the hike or glide around town and maybe you're just in town for the day and have limited time to tour, make your way to the Trolley ride! Red Rock Magic Trolley can provide tours for the individual, groups, weddings and more. Check them out and don't forget....

Tell them Sedona Segway sent you!

As you prepare for your journey IN or OUT of Sedona and the amazing Northern Arizona, you MUST check out Out Of Africa Wildlife Preserve! It is not a Zoo...its a preserve. What's the difference??? Good question. A Preserve is a place where animals of all types are relocated due to unkind or mistreatment by owners or the wild. It is a place for peace and harmony among our furry friends. Giraffes, Bears, Lions, Tigers, Lemurs, sloths...and MANY more! You can ride around in one of their safari Unimog vehicles and maybe even feed a giraffe. They have entertainment activities as well, such as; Tiger Splash, Camp-outs and even FEED THE TIGER!!!!

So maybe you've heard of Out of Africa Wildlife Preserve....but did you know they have a Zip Line that soars you OVER the wild animals??? It is INSANELY KEWL!!!! We here at Sedona Segway, have been on the Zip Line a few times and we always let people know about this adventure. If you've never done Zip Lining before, or have already, you can't miss this opportunity to experience the uniqueness of zipping over the Tiger area with the Tigers watching you all the way past! WOW!!!


Artist extraordinaire; Rod Bearcloud has been painting his visions for decades! His artwork will blow your mind as it is deep with American Indian visuals and spiritual messages. Lighting plays an integral part in his artwork as you change the lighting, the objects within the art transform bringing you added viewing potential to your home gallery. We here at Sedona Segway personally know Bearcloud and have pieces of his artwork even in our office! 

Bearcloud has blessed us with years of friendship and wisdom and has been a advocate of ours for a long time. Share our love of his artwork on your next trip to Northern Arizona and see his gallery located in Uptown Sedona next to the Sinagua plaza.

Let him know Sedona Segway sent you!

Clark’s art has been celebrated in Texas Monthly, American Cowboy, SouthwestArt, TrueWest and Cowboys & Indians magazines. Inspired by the love and magic of Sedona.       Located in the Village Of Oak Creek's VILLAGE GALLERY

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