The SEGWAY & training

The Segway

The Segway is a battery operated Eco-friendly two wheeled gliding machine that was designed for personal transportation, but found its place in the Tour industry worldwide! With thousands of Tour companies all over the globe, the Segway is one of the most unique ways to see any destination you go to. Here in Sedona, we use the Segway i2 Glide (also known as the PT) for traveling down the quiet back streets, sidewalks and some dirt tracks. The all-terrain tires provide the i2 the ability to ride dry, wet or even in the snow (which Sedona is known to have on occasion)!

Our Training Facility

We don't let you jump on and try to figure the Segway out, we spend the time to train each rider prior to getting on the streets. Safety is our number one priority, so our Training Launchpad is located at our office where we train each rider the specifics of riding, but more importantly, how to be safe by covering all the Do's and Don't's of riding a tour. Once each person is trained, the guides will talk about Tour Safety - which will define how the Guide will keep every rider safe during the tour with hand signals and verbal guidance. Riding a Segway is a BLAST...but it needs to be SAFE first!


Paul Blart made it look easy and hard at the same time. Truth be told, Kevin James is an exceptional rider! He had to be in order to mess up like he did! We ensure you are more than capable of riding before you leave our property. Our Guides are the best at what they do. 

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