If You Can Make It Here...

When you succeed on our Test Track, you will find your tour to be a breeze! You may not find any obstacle on your entire tour as challenging as the ones we have on our Test Track. That is precisely why we designed it like this!

Our training

Train at our facility

Our Training Facility is right outside our office and right in Uptown in Sedona! We demonstrate the Segway and give you the details behind riding properly and figuring out just how you are supposed to balance on these two side-by-side wheels!


02. Our Test Track 

Our Track is exceptional for testing your skills right out of the gate and prior to getting you out on the road. We need to make sure you can be in complete control of the Segway before you actually go on tour. Your safety is our number one priority...no exceptions!!!


03. What to expect for Training

Along with the fun, exciting adventurous ride ahead of you, we have to teach you about the hazards of not just riding a Segway, but getting on and off of the machines. There are mechanical moving parts and sensors that react exceptionally well even when slight pressure is applied, so you will need to understand fully how a Segway operates before you even step on one. We may be strict with our rules, but it is not about cutting corners. Even our prior guests have to partake in some level of re-training. Again, we are focused on your safety above everything else.

04. Our Guides

Our expert guides will train you and decide whether or not you are capable of handling your Segway responsibilities. They may have to make the difficult decision to have you not ride the tour. We would rather give you your money back than risk injury!  

*Disclaimer - Due to the nature of these tours, you will be required to bring plenty of water in 16oz bottles to fit in the Segway pouch. Each pouch can easily hold two bottles.

**Please notify us if you have any physical condition that could effect your Segway tour such as recent surgeries, pregnancy, vertigo or anxieties. You will be standing for a long period of time so you must be able to walk nimbly up and down stairs. Please ensure you wear closed-toed footwear such as sneakers or boots (sandals are not ideal). 

Larger Groups...

Our ability to handle as many as 12 Riders allows you a quick and timely tour maximizing your time on tour! 

our facility

Our Back Yard...

You will be surrounded by the Red Rocks of Sedona while honing your skills on your Segway!

Two at a time...

With our expert Guides, your training might be just the two of you and the two of us.

The Sedona Segway...


Two wheels of fun is almost an understatement. The Segway PT i2 has an intriguing appearance and may seem intimidating until you spend 5 minutes with us training you on how to get up, get down, balance and ride one of these fantastically mobile and smooth machines.

The Lean-Steer is the Segway's turning mechanism. The two wheels balance the entire Segway with sensors and gyroscopes so when the rider is on it, in a balanced state, it is as easy as standing up! Everyone is amazed at how quickly and easily it is to get balanced and ride here at Sedona Segway Tours!

Each Segway i2 has a pouch that can carry one or two 16oz. water bottles or your portable phones or even some cameras. We insist on you having plenty of water as the Sedona sun can be surprisingly hot and even at a nice 70 degrees, the moisture from your body can evaporate very quickly! We also strongly recommend wearing shoes of some sort rather than sandals as sandals have little support. Sneakers are probably the most common footwear. 

The technology behind a Segway is clearly discussed with you by our expert guides as they introduce you, your family or your group to the ease of use of the two-wheels of thunder! Our guides' ability to quickly assess each rider prior to riding on tour is exceptional and they will make judgement calls if they recognize issues with new riders that could cause problems along the tour.

*We do not rent Segways at this location and you cannot buy Segways here.

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