TOUR restrictions

and limits


Due to the nature of these tours, you will be required to bring plenty of water in 16oz bottles to fit in the Segway pouch. Each pouch can easily hold two bottles.

**Please notify us if you have any physical condition that could effect your Segway tour such as recent surgeries, pregnancy, vertigo or anxieties. You will be standing for a long period of time so you must be able to walk nimbly up and down stairs. Please ensure you wear closed-toed footwear such as sneakers or boots (sandals are not ideal). 


With each tour, there are limits that we have to keep for safety and well being of our guests and guides. 

12 Years of age is the minimum age for any rider at Sedona Segway.

260lb Maximum (up to the discretion of management)

6 Riders per tour guide (some exceptions may apply)

No Racing or going backwards on any Segway. Your guides will review this with you during your training


Our expert guides will train you and decide whether or not you are capable of handling your Segway responsibilities. They may have to make the difficult decision to have you not ride the tour or maybe just change the tour type. We would rather give you your money back than risk injury!  .


Yearly average for dehydration cases in Arizona are approximately 2000/year!


That's just for those that went to the hospital! Arizona residents average 130 Deaths per year from Dehydration. That means that even those of us who actually live in this heat are suspect to dehydrating at alarming rates!

So its time to leave your ego in your car or at home when doing anything in the Southwest desert and that includes a simple Segway Tour. 

Statistics provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services 2017

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