What IS a Media Kit from Sedona Segway Tours?

In our case, it is information, links or downloadable items to help you have a better experience while in the Verde Valley and possibly even when you get back home! It is designed to help you understand what we do here at Sedona Segway Tours and of course, what "Things to Do" in Sedona.


It gives you access to information regarding our tours and our brands, but it also provides you with key links & connections to resources in Sedona and the Verde Valley for other "things to do". We even reach across the globe with our International Partnerships, finding out what Eco-Friendly Tourism really is, and many special interest groups that you can learn about, or better yet, take part in. We also grant you access to our "Shaping The Verde Valley " Blog which can have topics of the latest restaurant openings, "things to do", creatures and critters found uniquely in the Southwest, and lots more.

Our goal is not just having you take a delicious tour on our Segways, its to provide knowledge and resources to make your stay here in Sedona more meaningful and complete, and we hope that we can give you connections that last you a lifetime!

OUR BLOG - Shaping The Verde Valley

This is an interactive Blog where the readers can be the writers. If you have a kewl fact, "things to do", places to eat, favorite hikes, etc, than we want to hear about it and share it!

We are doing our part to spread the news about the entire Verde Valley. We want our guests and friends to come to the area to see ALL of the attractions, historical landmarks, dinning locations and special places to go with the locals or find that special little trail to hike. Sharing YOUR thoughts and ideas brings a lager flavor to the appetites of our readers. We are globally blogging so your reach will be across the world! You never know who you might bump into next month...and they may know you from your Blog post!

C'mon and join us as we continue Sharing The Verde Valley!


Eco-Friendly means being kind to the environment while doing what you love. What better place to express that fact than in Sedona, AZ! And what better way of sharing our Eco-Friendly hearts than providing a battery operated, low impact, extremely low carbon footprint Segway Tour!

Check out our links below to better understand what being Eco-Friendly is, or better yet, understand what makes an Eco-Tourism business really Eco-Friendly!







What makes the Segway so Eco-Friendly? 

It’s a demonstrable fact – The Segway PT can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emission and substantially increase energy efficiency by replacing short-distance and single occupancy car trips. It’s compact, it’s robust AND it’s green!

So just because the Segway itself is Eco-Friendly, does that mean the Segway company is? Check out this link to see just how passionate they are about the environment...


So how does Sedona Segway work at being GREEN???

"We love the fact that the Segway machine is clean and green! Being battery operated makes it quiet so we don't have much of an effect on noise pollution. Then, the fact that it IS battery operated means that we are not using any fossil fuels and no exhaust or pollutants come from riding it. We are very proud of how we get to do our part in helping Sedona be as green as possible. We always recycle all used water bottles and we compost almost everything left over from our meal time as we have an organic garden at home and we use verma-composting (worm fertilizing station) to ensure our gardens are healthier than any others. We really care about how we leave this planet...and so we make sure we do our part!"  -  Bear


Simply put, the Segway has been an invention beyond the expectation of Dean Kamen (the Inventor of the Segway). He had a vision to make a transportation vehicle not just for the regular public, but also for people with disabilities so that they might be able to go places easily that they aren't capable of. So when he designed this machine, he made sure it was simple, precise and efficient. With approximately 150+ parts and no lubrication, this 2 wheels of fun is an exceptional mode of transport for almost everyone.

Check out this link to learn more about how the Segway was conceived:



The best way to find out what is going on in a town or city is to contact the local Chamber of Commerce. If you want to know the best things to do when you visit Arizona, check out two of the most visited locations in the entire state; Sedona and Phoenix's Chamber of Commerce websites and get ready to have your mind blown away with all the things you can see and do. You absolutely need to visit the amazing Verde Valley that includes Sedona, Jerome, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Rimrock, and Camp Verde to experience the ancient and current history of the true Southwest! We may be barely over 100 years old, but MAN can we create the most dynamic and memorable Adventures EVER!!!

Sedona Chamber of Commerce - Visitor Info


Visit Sedona Website

Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce

Clarkdale Chamber of Commerce

Jerome Chamber of Commerce

Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce

Visit Phoenix for "Things to do"

Check out all of their lists of "Things To Do" for your adventure packages. C'mon over and see Sedona and the great Verde Valley and get the magical Red Rock experience of a lifetime!

This section will provide you with links across the globe that may be of interest to you for your travel, or just for some real cool knowledge! We love spanning the globe and sharing our little slice of heaven with the world!

Come join us won't you?

National Geographic's Geo-Tourism - bringing you some incredible locations to visit across the globe. 

City Segway Tours - Your link to exciting and dynamic Segway Tours across Northern Arizona especially in the Verde Valley!

Top 15 Tourist Attractions of Canada - Our neighbors to the North. We LOVE our Canadian friends as they come visit us every year. Why not make a special trip up North for an amazing look at how Canada does it! In case you didn't quite get filled by that last list....check out this list from the Canada Tourism site:  Keep Exploring Canada

Top 10 Europe Destinations - From England to Turkey to Germany...the options are limitless!

Other than Sedona and the Grand Canyon, here is a list of the US Top 25 Destinations...

The WORLD's Top 30 Destinations - This is a mighty big list, but if you have the time, money and desire to travel....this is the list for you!!!

How about a trip to Japan? Well then....you GOTTA check out the Top 10 Japanese destinations!!!

Have you thought about a trip to China? I bet you have! If you haven't planned it yet, maybe take a look at these pages and see what you think about the incredibly beautiful and exotic Top 10 China Destinations!

If you like Thai food...maybe a visit to the original and authentic restaurants of Thailand while you visit the Top 10 Attractions in Thailand!


This is where you can become part of something special, or if you are worried about Traveling!

We are listing a few links to some special interest of ours, but feel free to contact us to add YOUR special interest site to our list. We here at Sedona Segway Tours have a special connection with these sites as we have all experienced family and friends that had to battle or gain from these. Survivors, fighters, and fallen are all part of our heart. We want to share them with you.

Let's take a look....

The American Cancer Society - all of us here at Sedona Segway has lost a family member to cancer, but we are proud to say we have provided countless tours for amazing Survivors too! For more information about cancer research and how to donate, follow this link:  American Cancer Society

We are PROUDLY supporting our Disabled Vets! With some of our staff being prior military and just our respect and admiration for those who served, those who died and those who survived. We honor them with efforts of respect and assistance. Help us Help them!

TRAVELING can be a real bummer if you aren't prepared. Here are a few links that can help you best prepare if you are traveling with babies or toddlers or even if you are a Senior Citizen. CHECK THESE OUT!!!:


Traveling with BABIES or TODDLERS:

SENIOR Travelers:


Traveling with your PETS?:


How to PACK efficiently




We are currently working on creating an online shopping cart for retail items such as T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers. Check in with us this fall for an update!


Download these two files prior to coming for your tour and fill in the appropriate fields for you and your family or friends who will be riding with you. This will save you time once you get here and in case you are not right on time, it won't drastically affect your time on tour.

Tour Acknowledgement Details:

1)    Everyone riding MUST read the items in the boxes to learn the "Do's and Don't's"

2)    Fill in the Participant Name for all adults

           a)    Anyone under 18 will not sign any document

3)    ONLY circle option for 'Minor Y or N' if you are signing for minors listed on the bottom line. Otherwise, you do not have to circle the "N"

4)    Ensure you put the date of the tour in the "Date" field



Waiver Details:

1)    We require one signed and dated copy of the Waiver per adult.

        a)    There are two areas to fill out on the sheet - 1 in the middle at "As Lawful Consideration... and 2  is at the bottom of the document. *See below for details of who signs what

2)    If you are a married couple, then you only need one signed copy with both names listed on the waiver.

3)   If you have children or are responsible for children under 18, then you need to add their names to only ONE waiver

Sedona Segway Tours Tour Acknowledgement Sheet


Sedona Segway Tours Waiver of liability

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