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Sedona Segway Tours

As part of the Eco-Friendly world, Sedona Segway Tours brings you the closest thing to 100% eco-friendly tour outside of hiking! Battery operated, extremely low noise. Its a low impact and near effortless glide along quiet back streets and sidewalks. With views beyond belief, the Segway tour is a uniquely incredible tour option in Sedona and all over the world. Check this one off your "Bucket List"!

Yava-Coco Productions

Being a Steward of the land and part of the Friends of the Forest, Bear has been hiking Sedona for over a decade and has gone to locations no one else will. In the Balance of life, Bear is Bridging the cultural paths of Native American Tribes (such as Lakota, Ojibwe and Abenaki) with the understanding of the God Consciousness. In essence, he is simply trying to be a "Good person". Playing his American Indian Flutes on his hike journeys and working weekly on his Spirituality and his communing with God, he brings a sense of honor and peace to his Video productions, his Flute Music and his writing.

As a Published Author (see his; Elite Hikes of Sedona Series Guide books and his Path To Recovery Self-Help booklets on Kindle), Bear is partnering with special people in Sedona to provide avenues for Healing ourselves and learning how to 'feel' the Sedona "energy".

Check out his Website to see more.

Self Propelled Tours

“Cycling is my passion! I started cycling during a long winter in VT on an antique stationary bike. When spring rolled around my son Jeff asked why I didn’t buy a bike and enjoy riding outdoors. Long story short, I bought a bike, started riding the roads and got hooked.


After moving to the Sedona area with my husband 6 years ago I have been able to enjoy riding outside all year long. I have fallen in love with our beautiful Red Rocks and find cycling one of the very best ways to enjoy them.


Let me share my passion for the Red Rocks and cycling with you. Join me for a leisurely ride. Stop and take as many pictures as you want. Learn about the geology, and history of this magical place we call home. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while propelling yourself through Red Rock Country!”

Heather Parris - Owner/Founder of Self-Propelled Tours

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